It’s the simple things which happen in our everyday lives that are the most important of all. Having missed out on mastering some of the basic skills during his school years, support worker Leanne is helping Adam learn with reading and writing as well as telling the time. The more he learned, the more Adam’s confidence grew.

“School never really had time for me. I can see that now,” he said.

Adam began timeclock lessons with Leanne to develop his skills and confidence. He is really excited about his progress.

“I’m learning what I can do, to learn about things that everyone else just knows,” he said. “When I’m at home now I actually look at the clock and I know what it means!”

Adam was very proud to attain a Kumon Certificate of Achievement for his Book of Telling Time.

Fairhaven support workers are skilled at guiding people like Adam through various literacy milestones, such as daily budgeting, reading maps.

i have fun, i have goals, i have independence.


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