Nothing beats hammering away the woes of wasted materials and making them look sharp again. For ABC Radio Central Coast’s Scott Levi, it was all too exciting to use the nail gun to take the ‘hard’ out of hard work. Even still, the hands-on team at Fairhaven’s ReCreate furniture shop has nailed the war on waste.

On 31 July, Scott Levi paid visit to the ReCreate work hub at Point Clare and spoke with the team of staff and volunteers. Listen to the interview here:

Read the ABC’s Report:


Fairhaven Workers turning Locals’ Rubbish into Riches

Tucked away at the back of Fairhaven Services in Point Clare is a team of volunteers and supported employees working to ‘ReCreate’ rubbish. By using preloved items from fashion articles to timber cut-offs, the workers upcycle the old materials to produce unique and bespoke pieces of furniture.

They take donations from the community to create new furnishings or fix up old ones that need a bit of tender loving care. Their unique creations feature animal-inspired timber novelties, such as a pallet-timber dog coat rack and a 3D zebra named “Diego”. There is currently a commission to make a donkey for a pet store.

“You’re only limited by your imagination with what you can do here,” said Scott Creagh, a worker at Fairhaven ReCreate.
“It’s not only wood that we work with. We use other reclaim materials as well; steel, ceramics, aluminium.

“This is a place where art meets utility.”

Many of these unique pieces have found their way into a handful of local businesses on the Central Coast, including Avoca Surf House, and have even reached as far as Sydney. The finished products can be purchased by the public at the new pop up shop located within the Imperial Centre in Gosford.

“We see that young professionals and younger people want something unique and special for their own homes,” said Scott. “We want to make beautiful things that wouldn’t look out of place.”

If you’re “tired of that flat-pack model” and are looking for something different, visit: ReCreate web page, or pop in to the ReCreate store at the Imperial Centre in Gosford.


Written by Dana Pendrick